Ben J. Lipps, PhD

Dr. Lipps, PhD, has been the Chairman and CEO of MagForce since 2013, and from 1996-2012 he served as Chairman and CEO of Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s leading provider of dialysis products and therapies. Dr. Lipps has worked in the field of dialysis for over 40 years. At Dow Chemical, he led a research team that developed the first artificial hollow-fiber membrane for use in dialysis. This innovation reduced the blood priming volume outside the body during dialysis, enabling many more people to tolerate dialysis procedures, and is used in almost all dialyzers today. Dr. Lipps’ career exemplifies the application of scientific innovation to advance patient care. He has long emphasized the importance of researchers visiting patients in dialysis treatment facilities, and has committed a significant amount of his own time visiting with dialysis patients in the clinic setting. He considers these exchanges a primary motivator to all those involved in advancing treatment. In addition, under Dr. Lipps’ leadership, Fresenius employees are provided a 24 hour hotline to allow all staff members the opportunity to suggest improvements in patient care. At Fresenius Dr. Lipps has worked to expand dialysis care into regions where no such care has been available, and he believes the next advances in care for kidney patients will result from developing a truly integrated approach to the medical care of kidney patients worldwide. Dr. Lipps graduated from Purdue University and received his MS and PhD in chemical engineering from MIT. Throughout his career, Dr. Lipps has demonstrated the ability to translate research and innovation into improved care and quality of life for patients. His innovative leadership and ability to coalesce research and clinical perspectives to improve patient care mirror the goals of the recipients of the Ben J. Lipps Research Fellowship Program.

  • Chairman & CEO, MagForce
  • Former Chairman & CEO, Fresenius Medical Care