Make Life Better For People On Dialysis

IDEAS brings together innovators of wearable, portable and implantable dialysis technologies, as well as industry professionals, bioengineers, nephrologists, government officials and more to discuss one goal: transform dialysis.

Nearly 500,000 Americans have kidney failure treated with dialysis and 50,000 die each year from kidney disease. While there has been limited progress since chronic hemodialysis was launched in the 1960s in Seattle, there have been significant innovations advancing dialysis technology. IDEAS brings together researchers, physicians, industry representatives and government officials committed to improving outcomes and reducing costs for people with end stage kidney disease.

Topics & Keynote Addresses

Past Keynote presentations and panel discussions have included:

  • Patient perspectives on innovation in dialysis
  • Xenotransplantation: is it finally ready for prime time?
  • What’s new in vascular access?
  • What’s new in sorbents/binders?
  • What’s new in using the gut to treat kidney failure?
  • What’s new in dialysis membrane technology?
  • Value-based care: putting treatment of kidney failure into the continuum of kidney care
  • Enhancing the uptake of home hemodialysis: progress and pitfall
  • International consortium to create implantable artificial kidneys
  • Funder perspectives on innovation in dialysis

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