Eric Stuve, PhD
(Chemical Engineering)

Eric M. Stuve is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the University of Washington. He served as Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering from 1999 to 2009. Dr. Stuve’s research in electrochemical surface science examines the nature and dynamics of electrochemical reactions occurring at electrode surfaces. Dr. Stuve’s teaching interests include energy and the environment, fuel cell engineering, and process design. Since 1992, Dr. Stuve has supervised undergraduate research projects in fuel cells. In 1998 he developed a course in Fuel Cell Engineering, one of the first of its kind. Dr. Stuve has published over 65 technical papers in catalytic and electrochemical surface science. He received an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship in 1984, the Presidential Young Investigator Award of the NSF in 1986, and is a Fellow of the AVS. He has served on review panels for the National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

343 Benson Hall Box 351750 Seattle, WA 98195

P: 206.543.0156 F: 206.543.3778 E:

Research Interests:

  • Electrocatalysis for Fuel Cells
  • Electrochemical Surface Science
  • Fuel Cell Engineering

Education & Training: B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1978.
M.S., Stanford University, 1979.
Ph.D., Stanford University, 1984.

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