Tina M. Gee, MPA ()

Research Interests:

Mrs. Tina M. Gee is a care partner to her husband, Patrick Gee, a kidney transplant recipient of three years. While being a care partner, Tina also works for the United States Marshal Services as a Detention Facilities Program Specialist in Washington, DC. Her full-time position requires her to travel across the country conducting audits and inspections at Federal Detention Centers where US Marshal detainees are housed.

When Tina is not working, she volunteers as a Transportation Coordinator for the Giving Hearts Organization, a non-profit that feeds, clothes men, women, and children throughout the entire City of Richmond, VA area during Thanksgiving Day; Quality Insights Renal Network 5, Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) Member; National Coordinating Center (NCC) National Patient and Family Engagement Learning and Action Network (NPFE-LAN) Subject Matter Expert (SME); University of Washington Center for Dialysis Innovation (CDI) Patient Advisory Board and the Human Factors Working Group Member; and President of the Kingsland Glen’s Homeowners Association. Through her husband’s non-profit, iAdvocate Inc., she has added Gentle Hands, LLC her own non-profit for care partners and caregivers. Gentle Hands mission is to provide a support mechanism for those who may not have a support system in place. Our objective is to provide support mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through encouragement, motivation, and empowerment.

Tina has observed her husband’s advocacy for kidney patients and she has a passion for serving this population, as well as being a voice for those who sacrifice their time in the, sometime thankless, position of a care partner/caregiver. Tina stayed with her husband for 33 days while he was hospitalized during his Kidney transplantation. As her husband endured a total of 4 surgeries during his hospitalization, she was relentless in maintaining her balance of tele-working, caring for her husband to include all documentation of medical events throughout his stay and her own self-care. Because of the trials and tribulations she endured during his kidney journey, it inspired her to start Gentle Hands as a means for support and outreach for other Care partners/Care givers that lack a support system.

Tina has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Corrections from Kaplan University, and a Master of Science in Public Administration/Federal, State, and Local Policies from Central Michigan University. Tina has participated with her church in community outreach projects and with her husband during his Empowerment Group meeting at his former dialysis facility. On November 19, 2017, Tina was ordained as a Missionary, while her husband, Patrick was ordained as a Licensed Minister. Together, their ministry will focus on those who suffer from CKD/ESKD.